The Shoes I Use

And so begins my blog. It has been a project drifting around my mind for a while now and finally, it starts. My events calendar listings were loved by many a person but as life and work seem to close in on me, I have found it difficult to actually get down to compiling it. Nevertheless, welcome to my new venture – a trip around Jozi. My aim with this blog is to showcase this beautiful city that I know reside in. I lead a pretty busy life with me going everywhere in and around this city. So what I have decided to do is actually take my camera along, get some pretty pictures and let you experience my Jozi. My intent is for this blog be an easy to reference place where you can find something to do in this marvellous city. There as some big plans but let us let time dictate what happens from here on in…

The first stop, however, is my bedroom and a tour of my shoes. To do exploring, you need to have some good shoes after all! Once upon a time, there was a movie called Kill Bill that showcased these amazing walking devices that are Made of Japan called Onitsuka Tigers. These shoes were the forerunner of ASICS and, well, the shoes are just beautiful. What I love is that there is this secret society that has developed with the owners of these shoes. When you see someone wearing a pair, you will always meet, greet and smile whilst a great sense of camaraderie permeates you both. I might have taken this love a bit too far seeing that I have eleven pairs of these shoes. I do agree this is a bit excessive but well, these are Tigers after all. Here are ten of the pairs that I own. I do feel the need to go to my parent’s house, rescue the first pair I owned and reunite it with others of its kind.

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