Soccer City: Linkin Park

I’ve considered blogging about Soccer City before buts it’s a difficult location to blog about. You can’t just go there on a random Tuesday afternoon and hope to feel the same vibe.  The stadium was built in the late 1980s by the bank FNB for the express use as a soccer stadium to house the […]

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Spring! Emmarentia Dam

It’s SPRING! Global Warming, however, has meant it has been spring for a few weeks already but seeing that it is only the beginning, there still is the chill in the air that makes you always carry a jersey to your car every morning. Spring does mean that the great outdoors is fair game. I […]

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Larnie Meats: Ooh Meat!

It seems that the most important thing in life is food. When I started this blog, I had this grand idea that it would focus on the beautiful tourist (and non-tourist) elements of this wonderful city. Alas, I have become a food reviewer. I say that like it’s a bad thing. It’s not for one […]

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