Let’s Play some Jozi Bingo with KLM

Do you remember the beginning of September when you were in primary school? It was always a festive occasion! We dressed up in colour clothes (looking back, I’m pretty happy that we called it “American Day” rather than that stupid other phrase “Civvies Day” but let’s not get into that…) and there was a little programme put together which consisted of sketches, songs and some other cool uh, things. One fond memory is of me winning a competition. We had to write an Arbor Day phrase onto a paper leaf and then decorate it. I really had issues with this whole setup as my mind could not come up with something that I deemed creative enough to grace the page. In the end, the phrase (which I cannot remember) was completely to the point and BAM, I won a ceramic pot! I still don’t know why I won. My dad still uses the pot twenty years later…

So it’s been an interesting few months. In between fighting evil demons with the swords made of Damascus steel and finding the perfect handwritten text with impossibly fine point pens, I have still maintained most of my sanity and have learnt many, many valuable lessons in life. And in this first week of spring, I find myself back in Jozi! I’ve also realized that apps are cool but let’s focus on that Venetian tale right about now.

What we will focus on is this magical city. Being on the road for two months has made me appreciate home. And yes, I might be a boy born in Durban but the glorious city of Jozi is now my home.

And what a city it is. The city is alive, it’s active and there is always activity and change. I got back after two months to see so many new restaurants opened, a shifting of the “cool” suburbs once again (no, I’m not discussing this), and huge new buildings (like that Afrihost piece of red) that I swear were not there when I left. They’re even widening Witkoppen and that Allandale intersection is complete! However, what really hit me is this sense that people are falling deeper and deeper in love with Jozi. It’s great, really great.

One of the little projects I have been working on of recent is in collaboration with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. They fly from Amsterdam to Jozi (and Cape Town) direct every day of the week. Also, Schiphol is probably my favourite airport. But I digress. Anyway, I present to you the Jozi Bingo Card. It consists of 25 attractions that you really should see when you come to the city. I believe that if you really want to get into the heart and soul of Jozi, you need to experience these attractions. It’s not an exhaustive list but if you go through these, I can guarantee you will leave the city much happier. And if you’re a local, you’ll just fall deeper and deeper in love with it.

So go on, go do something! Now!

If you’re not in Jozi and this has made you want to visit, check out the flights on KLM at http://www.klm.com/destinations/gb/en/africa/south-africa/johannesburg and get yourself here now!

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