Being Hip in Braamfontein: Puma Social Club

I’m not too sure how to construct this blog. I think you should have been to the Puma Social Club already. It’s probably the most fantastic establishment that has graced Jozi in quite a while. Everything about it is pure fantasticness. Located in Braamfontein above the prettiest of restaurants, Narina Trogon, it’s accessed through a simple green door and is cosy yet big enough for a fantastic party.

I’ve used fantastic three times.

The décor is geared towards what Puma calls the “after hours athlete.” One of the slogans emblazoned across the wall says: “Sometimes victory is a phone number” which it probably is if you’re into the whole phone number thing (I prefer getting an address so I can train a pigeon to deliver a message to her). Anyway, everything works so damn well. There are table tennis boards, pool tables, table soccer (that is the right word and I stand by it), chess boards, backgammon, pick up sticks and super cool old school arcade games. It’s retro in the most awesome way possible. You should challenge someone to a game of chess. Who knows, you might check mate your soul mate.  (Editor: You are going to die alone if this is how you pick up chicks)

The venue loves bands and the live performances I have seen here were top notch. Also, when people lose their minds and jump up and down like cut fowls, the dance floor becomes a bit like a trampoline. It’s made out of wood. One day, it might explode. But that would be cool. That’s all I really want to say. If you need some convincing, take a look at these severely edited pictures which actually came out pretty cool.

Puma Social Club bookcase

Puma Social Club table tennis

Puma Social Club chair

Puma Social Club Tennis Raquets

Puma Social Club dart board

Puma Social Club Farryl Purkiss

You need to go check it out before they close at the end of March (it is a pop up store after all) and I think it’s something you need to experience if you do want to have a really good time with party loving friends.

Puma Social Club Respect the Hangover

When to go: It’s only opened on Fridays and only till the end of March. The bands usually start playing by 21h00 but to get in, you probably should get there around 19h00 as the venue holds, I think, 300 people or so. The queues to get in are pretty legendary and you sadly could wait an hour or more just to get in. The place really is that cool.

How to get there: It’s in Braamfontein so I have previously given you directions on how to get there. It’s situated at 81 De Korte Street and is quite close to the Puma store.

Cost: If you register online then you can get in free. This is a painless process and if you do end up paying for entry, I will laugh at you.

Anything Else: Some of you will get drunk so “Respect the Hangover” (see what I did there?) and drink some water before you go to bed. If there are pain tablets available, have those as well. These two steps are so easy yet nobody ever listens to me.

Puma Social Club chess

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    1. It’s apparently opened on a Saturday afternnon as well although I don’t know much about this. You really must check it out!

  1. I love #PMC. Will be there Saturday afternoon. I love Braamies in general. Kitcheners. Danes. It’s the Braamies my Dad told me it would be when I started my 1st year at Medschool.

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