Weird Jozi: Man with a camera on Rivonia Road

Whenever I meet someone that is visiting Jozi or has just moved to the city, one piece of advice I always give them is: When you see something weird whilst travelling through Jozi, just accept it. Do not try to understand what is happening with this weird occurrence. Just accept. If you do try to rationalise what you are seeing, your head will slowly expand and then speed up this expansion exponentially and then it will explode.

I have seen this happen. Watching someone’s head explode is not the most pleasant experience one can have. I’d rather watch something like a Guy Ritchie movie (well, maybe not all of his movies) or my favourite band in concert.

Anyway, whilst driving along Rivonia Road at around 18:30, I saw this guy at the corner of Witkoppen and Rivonia taking pictures with his camera mounted on a tripod. He was facing towards Sunninghill and well, you can see by the type of clothes he is wearing, he looks like he just left the office and decided that he needs to stand at an intersection and take pictures. At this point, I stopped thinking and just accepted it.

Weird man with tripod

6 thoughts on “Weird Jozi: Man with a camera on Rivonia Road

  1. Oh I thought about that. But I’d think it would be a better shot if he stood on the top of the bridge. That’s why I stopped thinking. I like having my brains inside my skull 😉

  2. he is not one of the joburg photowalker die hards …. I reckon he is on a mission of some sort … no doubt whatever it is the council / municipality will be informed by this man on Monday am
    this post is really funny

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