Soweto: A Conversation

You look quite tired. Rough weekend? Bru, it was insane! Haha! What you do? Eish! Soweto Choon the story Bru! Okay I will choon you. So you know a few weeks ago I went on a tour at like 9am. Eish, that was hectic. We finished off the night before at around 5 or something […]

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Larnie Meats: Ooh Meat!

It seems that the most important thing in life is food. When I started this blog, I had this grand idea that it would focus on the beautiful tourist (and non-tourist) elements of this wonderful city. Alas, I have become a food reviewer. I say that like it’s a bad thing. It’s not for one […]

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Mount Grace: Food at its best

I really would love to dedicate this entire blog to the love of my life. It has a rather sexy French (sounding) name and when my lips met her body, the world changed. I’m pretty sure Brian Epstein experienced less glee and less happiness when he first saw The Beatles at The Cavern. Anyway, this […]

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