Mount Grace: Food at its best

I really would love to dedicate this entire blog to the love of my life. It has a rather sexy French (sounding) name and when my lips met her body, the world changed. I’m pretty sure Brian Epstein experienced less glee and less happiness when he first saw The Beatles at The Cavern. Anyway, this […]

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Driving Down the R21 Freeway

I really love driving. The lure of the open road is addictive. The sights. The solitude. The power that reverberates when you put foot to floor. Speaking to Riaz this weekend, he mentioned something, well, bad about Jozi when it comes to driving. He said that Jozi instills a natural instinct to rush. He’s right. […]

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Run Jozi

It’s weird this blogging thing. I treat this blog more as a reference guide rather than a guide through life and events that occur in this beautiful city. Then you do a 10km run with a sprained ankle and it changes all that. Inner city rejuvenation is a topic often brought up within circles in […]

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