After completing university a few years ago, I made the move away from from home. It was an exciting yet scary move. I would be venturing out of my parents house and making it in the world by myself, as the individual that had been lovingly nurtured into a young adult.

My destination: Johannesburg

Johannesburg has a reputation. Lovingly call Joburg, Egoli and Jozi, its made so many fortunes and taken away these fortunes and lives of many more. It was the centrepiece in a struggled that last over a hundred years and provided the backdrop where the glories of this struggle could be reaped. Its high crime statistics and freeways that never sleep scare so many but the lure of the Rand draws in millions.

Its a city with a soul that runs deeper than one can even begin to imagine

And this is why I love Jozi.

Its beauty all this contrast, hate, love, brashness, gentleness, passion and so much more. It’s such a beautiful city.

This site is a love letter to Jozi.

Its ignited so much within me and I want to share this with the world as I explore its multi-faceted character and express it through words, sounds and pictures.

I love Jozi

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  1. Hey Shahil. Your enthusiastic view of Jozi is inspiring. Thanks for sharing your opinions and experiences with the South Africans, and the World! Keep on keeping on….and blogging on!